Tips On How to Come to a Loan Modification Agreement

It can be difficult to reach a loan modification agreement with any lender, but anyone who sticks to it and follows the right steps can get that loan modification they’re looking for.

loan modification agreementMost people trying to come to a loan modification agreement with their lender seem to think that there is an invisible steel wall between the loan modification and them.

Lenders can be tough on accepting applications, but most people don’t realize that they either don’t meet all of the requirements or that even the smallest mistake can disqualify their application.

Almost every lender looks at the same things when considering a homeowner for a loan modification, but each one has a different take on what they’re looking for.

Some lenders put a heaver emphasis on a homeowner’s credit, while others don’t put so much weight on it. There are also lenders who require a homeowner to have been late on at least one mortgage payment to be able to come to a loan modification agreement. And some lenders disqualify based on too high of a home value, bankruptcy, or even a huge amount of debt.

Anyone considering applying for a loan modification agreement should research a lender’s criteria for approval prior to actually applying. This can shed some light on what that particular lender is looking for.

It’s also a good idea to look around online for other people who have gotten modifications with that lender to see how giving they are with their modifications and how difficult they are to deal with.

It can take eight weeks of a lender to approve an application, and in that time it is a good idea for the applicant to call and check up on the status of their application. Some lenders don’t mind the call, while others take it as the homeowner actually needing the modification. Most, if any, do not consider calling to check up on the status as a means for disqualification.

Coming to a loan modification agreement with a lender is a time consuming process, but is no means impossible and there is no steel wall between the homeowner and a modification. Checking up on the requirements and filling out the application properly will increase the chances of approval bifold.

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